Battery Technology Consulting

Genesee Northern Research LLC was founded in 2011 as an electrochemical technology consulting company. Leveraging the industrial experience of our staff, we serve both supply chain and end-user segments of the power source industry. Our background in R&D, material science, cell design, and manufacturing processes enables us to partner effectively with our clients to achieve successful results.


Our approach is to work closely with our clients to determine their needs and to design a program to meet them. Our flexibility and experience allows us to take on projects of nearly any size and deliver actionable results.

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While our principal focus is solid and liquid cathode lithium power sources, we have also worked in other areas of battery technology including Nickel Cadmium, Lithium-ion, and a variety of other primary systems.

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Our Team

Use the “contact us” page to connect with us. Discussions regarding your needs are always confidential and we would be glad to explore ways that GNR could be of service to your organization.

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Geometrically Contoured Bearings

Genesee Northern Research has launched a new initiative in the field of advanced mechanical bearings. Details of this project can be found on the dedicated GC Bearing website: