The following commercial, industrial, and medical projects are a few examples of our work here at Genesee Northern Research.

Medical Battery Projects

Performance Improvement

GNR consulted with a leading device manufacturer on an issue involving premature failure of batteries in a medical device. Battery specifications, environmental conditions and the electrical demands of the device were reviewed. Recommendations were made to address the issue.

Quality Assessment

A medical device manufacturer was having an issue attributable to battery consistency. GNR personnel supported this investigation with on-site review of the battery manufacturing process. Assistance was provided in detailed destructive analysis of suspect samples, and recommendations for additional testing and reports on analysis were provided.

Safety Training

A custom assembler of medical products was awarded a contract to manufacture a device containing a lithium battery. Not having experience in handling this type of component, they contacted GNR to help train their staff in the proper handling of lithium batteries. A training program specific to their needs was developed and delivered. Additionally, a safety audit of the facility was performed and additional equipment recommended for use on the project.

Commercial & Industrial Projects

Specification Review

Faced with a number of field failures, a manufacturer of a consumer product called for assistance. A review of the rechargeable battery-powered product and the charging station was performed. An error was found in the matching of the charger to the power source, and the instructions provided for charging the device. A new system was specified, and instructions re-written.

Process Auditing

A U.S. manufacturer contracted with an off-shore supplier to source lithium batteries for an industrial application. Internal quality audits revealed inconsistent performance from the batteries. GNR was retained to perform and on-site quality audit of the operation including manufacturing, procurement, shipping practices. Several areas were identified that had direct impact on product consistency and improvements to the operation were recommended.

Failure Analysis

A safety-related incident occurred involving a product containing a lithium battery. The distributor of the product contacted GNR for advice. A review of the storage and handling procedures revealed an issue which contributed to the incident. GNR assisted in developing a training program to address the problems and recommended improved storage practices.