Genesee Northern Research offers critical resources to both medical and non-medical clients in all areas of the battery life cycle.

Battery Users:
Knowledge of a battery system’s strengths and weaknesses can lead to the proper selection of the optimal power source. Where new product development is concerned, devices that utilize portable power sources most often need to consider battery options early in the design cycle. GNR can support your efforts by providing consultation in areas specific to your needs.

Additionally, the handling and storage of batteries is a significant issue impacting overall plant safety. Our experience in battery safety, testing, and failure analysis can fill a critical need in your operations. Some of what we can offer you are:

  • Consultation on specific battery types and options
  • Review of power requirements and battery specifications
  • Operator training on battery handling and safety
  • Seminars on available battery systems and designs
  • Auditing of battery suppliers
  • Failure analysis Battery disposal issues

Battery manufacturers are often faced with situations that stretch their available resources beyond reasonable limits. Other times, a different perspective of another set of experienced eyes are required to view a product, process, or project and provide an unbiased opinion. GNR can fill these gaps by providing these services:

  • Process review and troubleshooting
  • Battery performance modeling
  • Material qualification plan development
  • Design review
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Review of intellectual property.

If you’re a supplier to the battery industry GNR can help in several ways. Our familiarity with the unique requirements of the medical and commercial battery industries can assist you in the qualification of your products or provide guidance in the development of new products to fulfill unmet needs in this industry. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Preparation of specification sheets
  • Qualification plan design and analysis
  • Product customization
  • Analysis of specific market segments.